It was in 2004 when Mrs Elana Ho visited Luoyang Orphanage, and what she saw during her day visit deeply impacted her. The children in the orphanage were afflicted with different kinds of physical disabilities and sicknesses. In a particular encounter, she met a nine-year old boy with a severely deformed right hand; it was just a protruding stump adjacent to his neck. The posture and silent stare of this boy formed a deeply etched picture in her mind. The immensity of the problems overwhelmed her and the need to do something could no longer be ignored.

Through much prayers and as a step of obedience, Elana gathered a small group of Christians to establish Starfish Charitable Trust which was formally incorporated in October 2006 as a non-profit organization and it was later renamed as Starfish Charitable Foundation Limited on 4th August 2011.