2012.08.27 Monday

5th Anniversary of Starfish: Thanksgiving Dinner

Venue: Ballroom, Island Shangri La, Hong Kong
Address: Pacific Place, Supreme Court Road, Central, Hong Kong
Date: 1 October 2011 (Saturday)

In mid 2009, after 3 years of struggling to raise funds for the operations of the orphans from the goodwill of friends, understanding relatives and patient colleagues, a group of us were tasked to bring in sufficient funds to do more than just a few operations a year. We took a leap of faith and did a Charity Dinner and asked God to help raise HKD1.2 million. We called it a Thanksgiving Dinner because we wanted to glorify God for giving us this commission to work with Him. In October 2009, the Charity Thanksgiving Dinner indeed did raise HKD1.2 million (should there have been any doubt?) 

Then in 2010, when time came for another fund raising project we asked God to help us raise HKD1.4 million, the need was great, we had over 80 children waiting to be operated on. We had a concert and raised that amount.

This is our 5th year – 5 is the number of grace, and as undeserving as we are of His mercy, love and provision; God continues to open doors and make many things possible for Starfish to continue serving the orphans in China. 

On 1st October 2011, Starfish celebrated 5 years of setting up and working with the orphanages in China. We held a dinner with fund-raising activities at Island Shangri-La. The night was splendid with all 40 tables sold and a turnout of 400 guests. There were doctors, pastors, socialites, market place people, home makers and celebrities supporting the night of fund-raising.

Many items were donated for auctions and with a passionate auctioneer we raised HKD380,000. There was also a puzzle game where guests are asked to put together the pieces carrying the faces of orphans and once it was done they could give an English name to the orphans. The game was very popular and it helped raise another HKD600,000 for Starfish.

The night was totally successful and the name of Jesus was glorified. 

We want to thank all the generous donors for their heart for the orphans of the 9 orphanages we support in China.

Those who attended the Thanksgiving Dinner can go into following albums to view photos of our event. 

Photo Album 1 
Photo Album 2 
Photo Album 3 
Photo Album 4 

Be blessed and thank you for your love and compassion.

Proverbs 22:9 A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor. 

Cheah Kim Lean