2011.01.08 Saturday

A night to remember – “Who Will Sing their Lullaby? - 22-23 October 2010

Venue: ICA, International Christian Assembly, 483 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Dates: Friday, 22 Oct 2010 evening show, Saturday, 23 Oct 2010 matinee and evening show 
Time: Matinee 3pm, Evening show 8pm
Tickets: Matinee HKD300/HKD100, Evening show HKD1000/HKD500/HKD200
Sales Enquiry: info@starfishtrust.org.hk

On 18 Oct (just 4 days to the concert) Typhoon Megi was bearing down on Hong Kong. The weather forecast was a direct hit of the island on Friday (the day of the concert). Anxious ticket buyers and helpers were asking what is the contingent plan if the typhoon, the biggest in 20 years, really hit Hong Kong on the days of the concert. 

We prayed, all of us did, round the clock. Elana our Chairperson asked God for “dry land”. God answered our prayers in His graciousness and there was not a drop of rain over the entire weekend. Hallelujah! 

Starfish put up 3 shows on the nights of 22nd and 23rd October and a matinee on Saturday 23rd October. The 2 night shows were well attended with many supporters and well-wishers who had a heart to give to the orphans . 

There were over 2,000 people who saw the 3 shows and enjoyed a great time of good fun, lovely medley of songs in Chinese and English and got to know a lot more about the work of Starfish with the disabled orphans of China.

Two wonderful groups of people came to sing for the Starfish Concert. One is a handsome young rising star who has a following in Hong Kong (with even a few fans screaming their heads off when he came on stage). He is Stanly Hsu and he sang 4 lovely songs. 

The other is a well loved a capella group from Singapore called “Budak Pantai”. The group has sung before the Singapore President, the Crown Prince of Japan and foreign ministers from Asean. Their concerts are always sold out. They are funny and almost irreverent in their arrangement of the songs . They are definitely entertaining irrespective of the songs and languages they sing in. 

Both Stanly Hsu and “Budak Pantai” warmed the hearts of the audience and left a wonderful feeling behind. 

Starfish thank them for giving their time and talent to help us raise funds for the needy orphans.

A total of HKD1.2 million was raised through the generosity of many people who came for the concerts, bought tickets, donated generously and bought teddy bears and T-shirts as souvenirs.

If you would like to have a glimpse of the fun and entertaining singing of both Stanly Hsu and “Budak Pantai” you can click on the below links to have a look.

Photo Album 1 
Photo Album 2 
Photo Album 3 

If you want to donate and continue to support the orphans – you can donate HKD1,000 a month for the rehabilitation of one of the cerebral palsy orphans. Or donate HKD23,000 for an operation. Just click the link to go to the donation page. Bless you for your generosity. 

Starfish has been helping orphans in various orphanages in Yangzhou, Hubei, Loyang, and many others.

Over the last 3 years up to October 2010 we have operated on 70 children and done 73 operations. We have also set up a centre for cerebral palsy kids who need training to equip them to lead more independent lives.

We want to thank everybody who have given so generously, to those who have not – because we have.