2021.02.09 Tuesday

Fortune Bags 2021

We delivered Fortune Bags (福袋) to 222 children from under-resourced families in HK. Share some love by donating a minimum of one (@HKD200) or more Fortune Bags!

These 222 primary school children in HK whose family either receive comprehensive social security assistance from HK gov or identified as low-income (annual family income around HKD50k). Some of these children are refugees and/or new immigrants.

Children are students of Man Kiu Association Primary School and selected by the school's Principal and social workers

What's in the Gift Bag?

-1 box of European brand STEM toy (either mini robot, chemistry set or boat/aeroplane/car model set)

-1 stationary set (ruler, rubber and a box of pencils)

-1 pack of alcenerobiologico pasta and 1 can of ayambrandmy baked beans

-1 tote bag with starfish logo

-A beautiful message card with a print drawn by HK based illustrator Angela Ho for Starfish