2011.01.09 Sunday

Fund Raising at German Swiss

In German Swiss International School, Starfish Charitable Trust has begun raising funds for the physically deformed orphans in China since 2009. We have been organizing a wide range of events in order to raise funds, such as friendship bracelet sales, bubble tea sale, “Starfish Week” and fundraising stall at the Christmas Bazaar (see link to photo album).

We have been organizing these charity events and brainstorming ideas within our committee members and also with our members in the school. They are students in both German and international streams; junior and senior students. 

Apart from organizing such charity events within the school campus, we also organized outreaches and visits. We have invited students to go and visit an orphan who stayed at Matilda Hospital, Hong Kong. She was going to have an operation at a HK hospital, and during the short stay, we were fortunate enough to bring our students to visit her, to not only bring her snacks but also show her that we love and care about her. 

So far we have helped quite a few of the orphans to go through surgeries, and we look forward to organizing some more events to help more of them and change their lives! 

Tiffany Hui