2009.11.27 Friday

Thanksgiving Dinner – 30th October 2009 - “Little Dream”

Venue: Harbour Grand Hong Kong
Address: 23 Oil Street, North Point, Hong Kong (MTR Fortress Hill Station Exit A)
Date: 30 October 2009 (Friday)
Time: 7:00 pm onwards


Starfish Charitable Trust held its first charity drive through a Thanksgiving Dinner on 30th October. Why Thanksgiving since it is a charity drive? Firstly, it is because all of us on the various Starfish committees wanted to give thanks to God for the privilege of serving in His special ministry for the sick, deformed and broken orphans. Thank you O Lord for opening our eyes and hearts to walk with you because you “uphold the cause of the oppressed”, “give food to the hungry”, “you lift up those who are bowed down” and “you sustain the fatherless” (Psalm 146:7-9)

Secondly, there are many people who have amazingly come forward to help the “little dream” of saving as many Starfish orphans as we can. We wanted to thank people like doctors from HIS foundation, web designers, therapists, artists, ordinary housewives, entrepreneurs, retirees, school children from the German Swiss School and executives from many professions who had stepped forward with love, lots of talent and time over the last 3 years to help Starfish. They gave and gave because they caught a glimpse of Elana Ho’s vision for Starfish. Thank you dear friends and supporters in Christ!

Starfish’s original vision was to send orphans with physical medical problems like cleft lips, tumors, club feet, congenital heart disease, spinal problems for operations to mend them and give them a chance to be adopted. But now we realize there is also a need for the orphans who have cerebral palsy who may not be able to fend for themselves let alone be adopted, if they are not rehabilitated sufficiently to manage basic personal functions like feeding, bathing, cleaning and clothing themselves. The need is so great that we had to raise more funds to set up a rehab centre. It is no longer an option to raise funds ad hoc from friends and relatives. 

So we decided to hold a charity drive dinner!

The night was a testimony to how God does things – in great style of course. We started with a wonderful rendition of the song “Little dreams” by a group of children of all ages coached by Charis. There was a touching ‘blessing ceremony’ and “great commissioning” of the Starfish ministry by Pastor Ed. Elana gave a cool speech about her dream to start Starfish – straight from the Spirit. Then the budding band of the “Young Once” – guys who are not so young anymore, played oldies accompanied by hairdos that would have made Elvis Presley shiver in his grave. Victoria and Marianne sang a medley of songs delightfully to entertain the 360 some guests. Jac Cua was his usual entertaining self – he not only raised the roof but also raised HKD59,000 for his song “Sweet Caroline” (not bad for a Singaporean who speaks Filipino accented Cantonese). Not to be outdone Pastor Ed and his beautiful wife topped Jac with HKD60,000 for the rendition of a duet. 

Our spiffy looking emcees KK and Esther took the stage by storm as well and cajoled all the guests to dig deep into their pockets to compete for the most ‘generous giver’ and ‘most generous table’ for the “Buy a starfish” game. They also got guests going with the bidding of the donated items in a silent auction. One thing we learnt – the next time there will be a life auction to rouse bidders from their silence. We need to shout for the work of God!

There was even some great dancing (with dancers who look suspiciously like professionals!) But everyone had a go on the dance floor without ripping off the flooring, so it was fun. The food was not memorable but who cares and who remembers what they eat at charity dinners anyway?

The night was truly God’s night. From the inception of the Thanksgiving Dinner He put it in our hearts to raise HKD1million and we did!!!! Hallelujah. 

The Starfish trustees and committee members would like to thank all volunteers and guests for the wonderful support given to the Thanksgiving Dinner. May you be greatly blessed.

Written by Cheah Kim Lean