Letter from Board of Directors

Dear donors and supporters of Starfish,

As an echo to our slogan “ Hear their cry and savetheir lives”, you did hear the 468 orphan’s cry and stretched out your generous hands and put your belief into deeds and have made a miraculous change in these orphan’s fate and lives!  On behalf of these orphans, we want to extend to you our most grateful applause for your noble deed!

2017 was a difficult year we believe not just for Starfish, but also for almost every overseas charity organizations including those from Hong Kong.  The impact of China’s newly launched charity law and NGO law was far greater than we all have expected.  Under the two new laws, NGO (overseas) has now to be registered under both the Civil Affair Ministry AND thePublic Police which in previous case only we have to register with the former.  Hence, Starfish’s previous registration in Yangzhou and Luoyang was regarded as insufficient.  With much reluctance, we finally have to close down all our feeding homes, the last one in Yangzhou in March 2018. 

2017 was also a year of searching.  We have been trying to find ways to continue our mission.  As a result, we come to the resolution that

  • We will continue with the medical and surgical treatment whenever there is a needas funds can be transferred directly from Hong Kong to the respective hospitals where surgeries took place. 
  • We will continue to provide social worker training to the orphanageswe are already in our 10thyear of doing so. Currently we have trainingat the Chengdu orphanage.  We are in the course of helping them to set up a functional social worker department and training base which hopefully will become a model for other orphanages to follow.

Enclosed herewith this letter please find a booklet of all the children that Starfish have served from November 2006 to December2017.  I believe you will find some familiar faces and it is a great comfort to let you know that most of the kids are settling well into their loving new families.  There are 10children who have been adopted by families in Hong Kongand Macau. In March 2018 Starfish has started a parenting school for these groups of families and as one of our team members Miss Kwok Wai Wai who is a clinical psychologist by profession said : “It is such a beautiful thing that we can walk alongside with these children whom we have interceded in their early life and now we can grow with them”!

Enclosed is a summary of all our financial reports. For detailed audited account for each year, please visit our new website at : http://starfishcf.org.Our most sincere gratitude toRSMNelson Wheeler for their unwavering support in providing their professional service year after year on a pro bono basis!

Once again, thank you for your generosity and please feel free to visit our website at http://starfishcf.org to know our latest activities and directions.


Board of  Directors

Starfish Charitable Foundation Ltd.