Our Mission

Since its inception, Starfish’s mission is to exhaust all avenues to appropriate medical treatments that could ease or even alleviate the sufferings of children in order to increase their chances for adoption and offering hope for a normal life.

Besides giving medical treatments to the children, Starfish also cares for the emotional and spiritual needs of these children as an approach for holistic healing. Starfish’s objectives include training programs to coach, develop and upgrade the skills of the caregivers to enable them to deliver their service effectively and with dedications in a well- managed and clean environment. 

Medical Treatment

Pre Operation care:

There are simply too many cases of undernourishment and because of this, our children could not go for the necessary medical operation. In collaboration with the Yangzhou Orphanage, we set-up and managed a feeding home where our children received the much needed nourishment in order to bring their weight to its optimum in preparation for the medical operation they need.

Post operation care:

After operation, it is important that the recovery process is managed well.  We cared for our children till they are over the critical stage of recovery before sending them back to their respective orphanages. Follow up doctor’s visit are tended by our trained care-giver.


In 2010, Starfish collaborated with Baptist Oi Kwan to engage their expertise in social worker training.  Since 2013, Starfish has established its own Social Worker team.

The objective is to instill the core value of treasuring individuality and to impart the Social Worker’s Basic Value and Principle, with an aim to achieve a changed mindset of caregivers. The training programs are comprehensive and hectic for every trainer on each trip, but the results are most rewarding. Both trainers and trainees are changed!

The first training was in Luoyang orphanage and then it expanded to Shanghai, Wuxi and Chengdu orphanages. Today, The Starfish Charitable Foundation is well recognized by orphanages throughout China for this service.

Adoptive Parents Support Group

In August 2016, the parents who have adopted Starfish’s children came together for their first reunion in the feeding home in Yangzhou.  They get to meet the nannies who once took care of the children they adopted.  These families have a natural bonding because of the adoptions. They have shared openly the challenges they faced raising these children.

As such, in March 2018, Miss Kwok Wai Wai a core member of Starfish who is a clinical psychologist by profession started a parent support group in Hong Kong.  The purpose is to establish an open dialogue with the parents and to coach and walk with them through the challenges when raising these children.