2019.10.11 Friday
Our Messages

A word from our Ambassador Ms May Kwong 2015-2017

“Life does not generate without life itself”, we are not random, we are all Beautifully and Wonderfully made!

I became a supporter of Starfish Charitable Foundation 4 years ago. At the beginning, I was not very involved, but I am very grateful that Elana (founder of Starfish) arranged an opportunity for me to bring my children to meet with the boy whom they have helped with their birthday money. Throughout the years, I have had the chance to learn more about Starfish- the difficulties they had to face with local orphanages, how they persisted to stick with God’s way of doing things, how they overcame their own fears, and despite the time and effort spent when their admin fee was close to zero, they stepped out of their comfort zones but still insisted on following their calling and vision. All I saw was pure Love and Faith.

The volunteers treated each little life so preciously, these Starfishes are all beautifully and wonderfully made to them. It amazes me and draws me to attention when they only give glory to our Lord Jesus, and claim that they were blessed to witness miracles after miracles. I too wanted to be a witness to see God at work since He is described as the protector of orphans and widows. I wanted to experience His love.

Whether you are a donor, a volunteer, our prayer warriors, or a friend who wants to know more about Starfish, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation to you all, for coming to celebrate a decade of LOVE together with us, and most importantly to support and bless these children.

Indeed, I have been so blessed to witness all the miracles God has performed through Starfish. I pray that you will also step out in faith to experience this Love together, to be a Starfish thrower, saving the lives of these children, making a difference to their life, and give them hope and a future again.

May Kwong

Fundraising Chairman and Ambassador of Starfish Charitable Foundation