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  • Since its inception, Starfish’s mission is to exhaust all avenues to appropriate medical treatments that could ease or even alleviate the sufferings of children in order to increase their chances for adoption and offering hope for a normal life.
  • Besides giving medical treatments to the children, Starfish also cares for the emotional and spiritual needs of these children as an approach for holistic healing. Starfish’s objectives include training programs to coach, develop and upgrade the skills of the caregivers to enable them to deliver their service effectively and with dedications in a well- managed and clean environment. 
  • In 2006, Starfish noticed that many children suffering from illnesses were declined by local hospitals to undergo medical operations as they were undernourished and underweight. In collaboration with Yangzhou Orphanage, Starfish established a feeding home where our children received the much needed nourishment in order to bring their weight to its optimum in preparation for the medical operation they needed.  Starfish later established more feedings homes in Shanghai and Wuxi.  The feedings home would also care for our children’s post-operational care.  


自創立以來, 海星慈善基金的使命是用盡一切途徑,採取適當的醫療措施,減輕甚至減輕兒童的痛苦,以增加他們被收養的機會,為正常生活帶來希望。

除了給孩子們提供醫療, 海星慈善基金有限公司還關心這些孩子的情感和精神需求,作為整體治療的方法。海星慈善基金有限公司的目標包括培訓計劃,以指導,發展和提升護理人員的技能,使他們能有效地提供他們的服務,並在一個管理良好和清潔的環境中奉獻。

在 2006海星慈善基金有限公司注意到,許多患病的兒童被當地醫院拒接受醫療手術,因為他們營養不良和體重不足。海星慈善基金有限公司與揚州孤兒院合作,建立了一個餵養之家,讓我們的孩子獲得急需的營養,以便他們的體重達到最佳狀態,為他們需要的醫療手術做準備。海星慈善基金有限公司後來在上海和無錫建立了更多的飼養家園。餵養家庭也提供後操作照顧我們的孩子。