Why we wanted to make a change?


  • Poverty is serious in Hong Kong: nearly every one in five children in Hong Kong is living in poverty¹
  • Underprivileged children stuck in poverty cycle: Children who grow up in low-income households tend to have less access to opportunities and therefore are more likely to remain poor in adulthood. Compounded with the lack of space in Hong Kong, underprivileged children are deprived of an environment where they can learn and develop happily and healthily.  
  • More than just formal education is needed: The Hong Kong government provides basic subsidies for school fees and supplies, but these are not sufficient. Underprivileged children are often unable to participate in the extra-curricular activities and outdoor activities that develop skills such as resilience and confidence, and ultimately enhance social mobility. It is Starfish’s mission to close the opportunity gap by providing much needed opportunities to underprivileged children in Hong Kong. 

We do not believe that the underprivileged should ‘lose at starting line’. Starfish’s goal is to close the opportunity gap and equalize opportunities.   

We strongly believe every child is worth investing in, and only if we invest in our children we can drive societal changes and create a more harmonious society. 





 需要的不僅是正規的教育:  香港政府為學費和用品提供基本補貼,但這些補貼是並不足的。貧困兒童往往無法參加課外活動和外活動,這些活動有助於培養復原力和信心等技能,並最終增強社會流動性。海星慈善基金有限公司的使命是為香港貧困兒童提供急需的機會,以縮減機會發展的差距。