Meeting with HKU Social Work and Social Administration Department

Starfish team met with Cecilia Chan, Emeritus Professor of the HKU Social Work and Social Administration Department, to introduce to her our signature programme Project ECA and discuss various issues surrounding children poverty in Hong Kong. We are very grateful for the feedback and insight provided by Professor Chan and her team. With their support, we are confident that Project ECA will be able to create even more impact for underprivileged children! We look forward to further collaborations with Professor Chan and her team.

Hogan Lovells Office Visit

To ensure underprivileged children receive stimulation and exposure, Starfish and our community partner Hogan Lovells organised an office tour during the Easter holiday. Our aim is to broaden the horizon of these underprivileged children and encourage them to plan their career path. ? Thanks to the excellent presentation by Hogan Lovell’s lawyers, the children learnt about the legal profession and basics of the legal system. Each participating child also received a special gift bag prepared by Hogan Lovells. ?️???

Fundraising Art Auction

We held our first art auction at the office of our charity partner Hogan Lovells on 31 March 2023. It was a great success! We sold over 10 paintings donated by 3 talented local artists. All proceeds of the art auction will go towards our fund to sponsor underprivileged children in Hong Kong for their educational needs.  

Christmas Lunch Buffet

Merry Christmas! ?The Starfish Christmas Party was a huge success bringing happiness and joy to our starkids and their parents!
As our beneficiaries mostly come from low-income families, we note that most of them have never had a buffet before. We, as the third parent of Starkids, would like to broaden their horizon and offer them our love, care and support. Through these events, our volunteers shared their life experience, offered encouragement and sent gifts to our Starkids. All the participants were very excited and happy!

Back To School Gift Bags Donation

It’s back-to-school month! Kids can’t wait to meet their schoolmates and friends at school.?‍♀️?‍♀️
To provide the underprivileged kids with sufficient resources to start the new school year, our community partner Hogan Lovells has generously prepared Back To School gift bags for them!??
Swipe to see what is inside these gift bags:
1) Tablets
2) T-shirts
3) Stationeries
4) Snacks
5) Hand-written encouragement cards by Hogan Lovells’s volunteers✍?
Keep swiping right to see how happy Yannis and Lily received the gift bags! Every kid is precious, we wish all of them a wonderful start of the new school year!

Easter Covid Gift Bags

To support underprivileged children during COVID times, we delivered 100 care packages to them. Inside each package, there is food, sanitisers, masks for children and a storybook kindly donated by our charity partner Hogan Lovells. 

“Light up the Starfish” – Christmas Party

On 12 December 2021, we hosted 2 Christmas parties for 100 underprivileged children in Kwai Chung. Our team had a wonderful time with these energetic kids playing various games including the very competitive tug of war! At the end of each party, each kid handed a Christmas card  (drawn by himself/herself) to us in exchange of a Christmas gift bag! 

On the same day, we delivered 40 Christmas gift bags to Hope of the City for their distribution to underprivileged children in the Shum Shui Po area.

Little Helping Hands – Christmas Cookie Sale

To fundraise for Christmas gift bags to be delivered to underprivileged children in Hong Kong, our team sold 450 handmade cookies near the Tsim Sha Tsui pier. It was a big success! The cookies are shaped as a hand with the heart in the middle, meaning anyone who buys a cookie is offering his/her helping hand to support the underprivileged children!

With the funds raised, we were able to buy all the items to be included in the Christmas gift bags which included stationary, food vouchers, snacks, heat-tech and a surprise toy!

Chinese New Year Fortune Bags

To celebrate Chinese New Year in 2021, we delivered Fortune Bags (福袋) to 222 children from under-resourced families in HK.

These 222 primary school children in Hong Kong whose family either receive social security assistance from Hong Kong government or is identified as low-income (annual family income around HKD50k). Some of these children are refugees and/or new immigrants.

Children receiving the Fortune Bags are students of Man Kiu Association Primary School and selected by the school’s Principal and social workers.

What’s in the Gift Bag?

1) European brand STEM toy (either mini robot, chemistry set or boat/aeroplane/car model set);
2) stationary set (ruler, rubber and a box of pencils);
3) alcenerobiologico pasta and baked beans;
4) tote bag with Starfish logo; and
5) a beautiful message card with a print drawn by Hong Kong based illustrator Ms. Angela Ho for Starfish.

Fortune Bags 2021

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