Chinese New Year Fortune Bags


To celebrate Chinese New Year in 2021, we delivered Fortune Bags (福袋) to 222 children from under-resourced families in HK.

These 222 primary school children in Hong Kong whose family either receive social security assistance from Hong Kong government or is identified as low-income (annual family income around HKD50k). Some of these children are refugees and/or new immigrants.

Children receiving the Fortune Bags are students of Man Kiu Association Primary School and selected by the school’s Principal and social workers.

What’s in the Gift Bag?

1) European brand STEM toy (either mini robot, chemistry set or boat/aeroplane/car model set);
2) stationary set (ruler, rubber and a box of pencils);
3) alcenerobiologico pasta and baked beans;
4) tote bag with Starfish logo; and
5) a beautiful message card with a print drawn by Hong Kong based illustrator Ms. Angela Ho for Starfish.