Through our various projects, we support underprivileged children in Hong Kong aged between 6 to 13. We call them Starkids as we see ourselves as their third parent. 

The underprivileged children we support all live below the poverty line. According to the Poverty Situation Rerport published by the Hong Kong government in 2021, poverty line stands at:

  • HKD9,500 (for 2 people family)
  • HKD16,000 (for 3 people family)
  • HKD20,800 (for 4 people family) 


In addition to financial sponsorships, we will also organise educational events and outings for our StarKids with the aim to broaden their horizon and help them build a social network. 


Check out below the profiles of some of the underprivileged children we are supporting through Project ECA!