Why does Kenny want to learn badminton?

Sponsorship since: October 2022

Kenny is diagnosed with special learning needs. He has difficulty in reading and writing. However, he is good at sports, and always wants to do exercise to strengthen himself physically because he wants to protect his family. He always practices badminton right after he finishes his homework. 

Financial Difficulties

The family is relying on social security allowance from the Hong Kong government as their main source of income. Kenny’s father has disappeared and he has never supported the family financially. Kenny’s mother is unable to work since she has to take care of her sons all the time.

Family Background 

Starfish is sponsoring both Kenny and his brother Toby. They are both special needs children. Toby is diagnosed with ADHD, ASD and SLD, while Kenny is suffering from dyslexia which means he has difficulty reading and writing. Their parents are divorced – his father, who is a gambling addict, abused his mother through domestic violence. Kenny and his brother had been suspended from school on one occasion in order to avoid the threat from the debt collectors. They also had the experience of changing schools for the same reason. Indeed, his family is constantly living under threats and uncertainties.  

Kenny and his brother grew up without the love and care of their father. Their mother is exhausted taking care of both children with learning difficulties by herself. To date, we understand Kenny’s mother is still being harrassed by debt collector from time to time.