Why does Billy want to learn taekwondo?

Sponsorship since: June 2022

Billy was with a small and skinny compared to children with similar age, he is quite behind the standard. The family believed that Billy could grow stronger through the sport of Taekwondo.  

Financial Difficulties


Billy’s father is the sole breadwinner of the family earning $24,000 per month. He is working in the catering industry. 

Family Background

Billy lives with the parents in a subdivided flat together with a younger sister. However,they moved to the public housing unit of 400sf in August 2022 which was a prayer being answered after more than 8 years of waiting. Pui Biu’s mother was quite cooperative in regard to communication between Starfish. However, she is more reserved in sharing her family condition. The mother has accepted Jesus as her personal Savior during Starfish Christmas lunch on 18 December 2022.