Why does Bowie want to learn violin?

Sponsorship since: August 2023

Bowie’s initial exposure to the violin came through her involvement in the church orchestra, where she played and learnt alongside a group of other children. As she delved deeper into the world of violin music, she became captivated by its enchanting sound. Bowie harbored a strong desire to further develop her skills and achieve greater proficiency in playing the instrument. However, due to the challenging circumstances faced by her family, her aspirations were put on hold. Fortunately, Bowie’s path crossed with Starfish, who has provided full funding for her to receive private violin lessons. Under the guidance of professional instructors, Bowie can now pursue her musical ambitions, including preparing for exams and refining her violin holding posture.


Financial Difficulties

Due to Bowie’s father being diagnosed with liver cancer and experiencing a recent relapse, her family is currently dependent on CSSA for financial support. As their mother, who is not yet a Hong Kong resident, is occupied with caring for their two young children, she is unable to work. The family’s income is limited, making it difficult for them to afford the cost of Bowie’s violin lessons.

Family Background

Bowie hails from a family of four, which includes a younger sister who is just 6 years old. Initially, they resided in a subdivided flat near Kwai Chung, but later moved to public housing when her father, the sole breadwinner was diagnosed with liver cancer. The move to public housing was facilitate due to the scheme of compassionate rehousing. After successfully undergoing cancer treatment, Bowie’s father was able to resume work for a year. However, unfortunate circumstances arose as their father’s liver cancer relapsed, dealing a severe blow to the family. Starfish is aware of the predicament faced by Bowie’s family and is committed to providing assistance to help them overcome this challenge.