Why does Danny want to learn guitar?

Sponsorship since: March 2023 

Danny’s school provides ukulele classes but Danny has always wanted to explore learning the guitar. Danny’s wish is to become a professional guitarist or a rockstar!  We are touched by Danny’s ambition to learn guitar, and thus decided to sponsor his guitar lessons at a private tutorial centre. 

Financial Difficulties

Danny’s father is a driver with a monthly salary of around HKD20,000 per month. Danny’s family relies solely on his father’s income to support the family of 4. They are  constantly struggling as rent for their subdivided flat itself is over HKD8,000. There is simply no extra cash left to support Danny’s interests in music. 


Family Background

Danny’s father is always busy with work and his mother spends most of her time taking care of his younger brother who is only 4 years old. Danny is independent and has great self discipline. He was recently elected as the spokesperson of his class. Danny hopes he can be a role model for his classmates.