Why does Hanna want to learn violin?

Sponsorship since: June 2023

Hanna’s initial exposure to the violin came through her involvement in the church, where she became a violin player in the church orchestra. She displayed natural talent and a genuine passion for playing the instrument. However, her family’s financial difficulties have hindered her ability to further develop her violin skills. Hanna has always longed for an opportunity to participate in exams and competitions to showcase her abilities. She also shared her aspirations of becoming a violin teacher in the future. Recognizing that her mother relies on her, Hanna hopes to pursue a career as a violin teacher to contribute to her family’s financial well-being.

Financial Difficulties

Hanna and her mother rely solely on CSSA as their monthly income. Hanna mother is busy on taking care of Hanna so she is not able to find a job, they are now living at the transitional housing at Tsuen Wan.

Family Background

Hanna comes from a single-parent family and does not have any siblings. She and her mother are the only ones living together in a small subdivided flat near Kwai Chung. Since Hanna’s parents divorced when she was just a baby, she grew up without experiencing paternal love. However, despite growing up in an incomplete family, Hanna has not been significantly affected by it. Both she and her mother maintain a positive outlook on life and provide support to each other. These circumstances have contributed to Hanna’s strength and bravery, and she exhibits caring and talkative traits.