Why does Jenny want to learn Guzheng?

Sponsorship since: February 2023

Jenny loves Chinese music and she has been learning Guzheng since 3 years ago. She has great talent in playing Guzheng and is determined to become a professional Guzheng player. Jenny was scheduled to take the Grade 7 examination when her mother, who is a single parent, lost her job. We therefore stepped in and provided the necessary funding for Jenny to continue her lessons. 

Financial Difficulties

Jenny’s mother is a single parent and the two of them rely on money they borrow from their relatives from time to time to get by. Jenny’s mother is not eligible to receive social security assistance in Hong Kong. As a consequence, they frequently seek help from the Food Bank as they do not have sufficient money to buy food and groceries. Before the pandemic, Jenny’s mother was able to work as a cleaning assistant earning around HKD5000 per month. However, she lost her job during the pandemic. The mother and daughter constantly struggle to pay the rent for the 60 square meter subdivided flat they are living, which costs HKD4600. 

Family Background

Jenny’s father had decided to abandon her and his wife the day Jenny was born. At one point, Jenny’s mother wanted to send Jenny to an orphanage since she was not confident that she could raise a child as a single parent. With a lot of determination, Jenny’s mother managed to raise Jenny but she is constantly struggling financially.