Why does Kate want to learn erhu?

Sponsorship since: August 2023
It was through her uncle that Kate first discovered the erhu, and she had the opportunity to learn from him for approximately two years. The captivating sound produced by the erhu’s two strings fascinated her, and she found solace in practicing the instrument as a means of relieving pressure. Kate aspires to further develop her erhu skills and has actively participated in various inter-school musical events to gauge her proficiency. However, due to the high cost involved, she has been unable to take formal examinations. Consequently, Kate approached Starfish with the hope of securing sponsorship to advance her erhu skills.

Financial Difficulties

Kate is benefiting from a fully granted teaching scheme, while her family’s income primarily depends on the alimony provided by Kate’s father. Due to her mother’s status as a non-Hong Kong resident, she is unable to seek employment. Consequently, the family faces financial limitations, exacerbated by the high cost of renting a subdivided flat. They only have less than 10 thousand a month to pay for all the household expenses.

Family Background

Kate hails from a single-parent family and resided in a subdivided flat in Kwai Chung alongside her mother and elder brother. During Kate’s primary school years, her parents divorced. Despite the challenges she faced, Kate exhibited remarkable independence in handling her own affairs.