Why does Laura want to learn Ballet?

Sponsorship since: August 2022

Laura has strong interest in ballet since she was very young. Unfortunately, she was forced to stop taking classes after having taken 10 classes since her family could no longer afford the tuition fees. She tried to teach herself ballet by watching dance videos but she could hardly make any significant progress practicing within the limited space she got in the subdivided flat she lives in. Since joining our programme, Laura has the opportunity to continue with her ballet journey and she is now doing extremely well in her group class at Jean Wong School of Ballet.

Financial Difficulties

Their father has lost his job during the pandemic and is currently working as a freelancer in the construction industry for any available jobs. As a consequence, their family source of income is highly unstable and limited. Currently the family is solely relying on the subsidy from CSSA to get by. 

In addition, the family has also been facing rising rental pressure of which a majority of their monthly income now goes towards servicing the rental and thus left with very limited budget for their living expenses or activities.


Family Background

Laura comes from a family of 6, with 1 elder sister and 2 younger brothers. They live in a subdivided flat of less than 200 sq ft. With limited space, Laura and his siblings sleep on one single bed together and also share one small table to do their homework. Their father has lost his job during the pandemic and his mother cannot afford to go out to work as she has to stay home to take care of the children. Laura’s mother is constantly exhausted, both physically and mentally.