Why does Lillian want to learn Arts?

Sponsorship since: August 2021

Lillian wants to become an architect but never had the opportunity to take any art classes or explore her artistic skills because of her family’s financial difficulties. She knows art sense and skills need time to be developed so she was desperate to take art class to achieve her dream.

Financial Difficulties

Lillian and her mother are currently relying on social security allowance from the Hong Kong government to support themselves. In order to take care of Lillian, and being an ethnic minority who does not speak English, it is difficult for Lillian’s mother to find a job in Hong Kong.

Family Background 

Lillian is Nepalese and she and her mother are both victims of domestic violence. Lillian grew up in a single-parent household and currently living with her mother in a subdivided flat in Yuen Long. Since Lilian’s mother is emotionally unstable, she seldom accompanies Lilian. While Lilian is independent, she is very quiet and her social circle is extremely small.