Why does Felix want to learn taekwondo?

Sponsorship since: June 2022

Felix has always wanted to learn Taekwondo. Before he became a beneficiary under Project ECA, he felt sad whenever he saw his classmates in the Taekwondo uniform as his family could not afford to pay for any lessons. Felix’s dream is to become physically strong to protect his family and his city. 

Financial Difficulties

Currently Felix’s family of 5 is dependent on social security assistance as their main source of  income for the family, which is around HKD13,000 per month. Felix’s mother is a single parent taking care of 4 children on her own, with one of her children diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. 



Family background

Felix comes from a single parent family with 4 kids. His parents had been divorced for 3 years. His father was an alcoholic and had a history of domestic violence. Felix’s mom is a survivor of domestic violence. Her life was filled with bitterness and fear for many years. 

Felix is the third child of the family, and he is a quiet boy with a kind heart. There is a time he told his mom to bury a dead bird and prayed for it. Even though he does not speak Cantonese fluently, he will always try his very best to express himself. His younger brother has been waiting for the ADHD test in a public hospital for more than 2 years, the result is still pending. Felix’s eldest sister (age 15) is diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in her oral cavity when she was 18 months old. She has been going through chemotherapy and electrotherapy as well as cell transplant surgery for more than 5 years. Currently, the family has no social worker to follow up their case. We are trying to connect them to the social welfare system.