Why does Nick want to learn coding?

Sponsorship since: 2/2023

Nick has strong interests in science and computer since he was a little boy. At kindergarten, he would disassemble various small appliances and study how they work. His talent in science was later discovered by his elementary school teacher, who trained and encouraged him to participate in STEM competitions and workshops. While Nick’s mother supports him unconditionally, Nick’s family faces financial difficulties and is unable to provide him with the needed resources and opportunities for him to thrive. Starfish has therefore stepped in to provide the necessary sponsorship. 

Financial Difficulties

Nick’s family of 5 lives in a subdivided of less than 200 square feet, and his parents have to support their in-laws financially. Nick’s father lost his job during the pandemic, which made the already very poor family even worse. disruptive to the family which has been struggling to bring food to table. Nick’s family has been relying on food donations from the food bank to meet their daily needs for food. 

Family Background

Nick is very shy and he is the only child in the family. He is not sociable at school and thus he only has very few friends. Instead of spending time with his friends, he mostly spends time at home. Through sponsoring Nick to attend coding classes, we hope Nick can, in addition to growing his talent in science, expand his social circle and gain solid social capital in the long run.