Why does Shego want to learn piano?

Sponsorship since: June 2022

Shego has a strong passion for music and learning the piano. She dreamt of learning the piano since she was 6 years old. For many years, she passed by a piano learning centre near her home and would stand for a long time by the window to look at other children playing the piano. However, her parents were not able to afford the tuition fees. Finally she was introduced to our program and now preparing for her grade 2 paino exam.

Financial Difficulties

Shego’s father lost his job during the pandemic and was unemployed for more than half an year. He recently managed to find work as a freelance construction worker. However the family is still struggling to make ends meet means. 

Family Background

Shego comes from a family of 5. The whole family squeeze together in a tiny subdivided flat at Kwai Chung. Shego’s elder sister is also a beneficery of Project ECA. Her mother often neglects her well-being as she is occupied by taking care of the youngest brother. Shego and her sister are always busy doing housework and taking care of their brother after school and unable to finish their homework.