Why does Sheldon want to learn Abacus?

Sponsorship since: August 2022

Sheldon has always been good at mathematics and logic at school. He joined a basic Abacus class in a local community center and has managed to attain excellent results in his class with full marks in most of the tests. He told us that he wishes to participate in the international Abacus competition. Sheldon will need stronger training in Abacus to achieve his dream. Through Project ECA, Starfish is determined to provide him with the best Abacus training so that he can excel in mathematics in the long run.




Financial Difficulties

Sheldon’s father has lost his job during the pandemic and is currently working as a freelancer as a construction worker. As a consequence, their family source of income is highly unstable and limited. Currently the family is solely relying on social security assistance to get by. The bulk of their income is used to pay rent for their subdivided flat and thus the family is left with a very limited budget for their living expenses. 




Family Background

Sheldon comes from a family of 6, with 2 elder sisters and 1 younger brother. They live in a subdivided flat of less than 200 sq ft. With limited space, Sheldon and his sisters sleep on one single bed together and also share one small table to do their homework. Their father has lost his job during the pandemic and his mother cannot afford to go out to work as she has to stay home to take care of the children. Sheldon’s mother is constantly exhausted, both physically and mentally.