Why does Vincent want to learn viola?

Sponsorship since: August 2023

Vincent initially began his musical journey by trying the violin at church. However, his teacher recognized the abundance of violin players in the orchestra and suggested that he explore the viola instead. Vincent’s interest in music development and his passion for singing led him to learn the viola at church. Unfortunately, the church lacked the necessary resources to support them in taking exams, and each child had limited time to learn their instrument due to the teacher’s responsibility for over 20 children. Consequently, Vincent’s mother discovered Starfish and sought assistance and sponsorship from the Starfish to further Vincent’s musical pursuits.

Financial Difficulties

Vincent’s father is the sole breadwinner for the family, and his salary is primarily allocated towards paying the high rent for their apartment and covering their daily expenses. This financial burden has placed a significant amount of stress on their lives. Additionally, Vincent’s mother is responsible for caring for his younger brother, which further emphasizes Vincent’s need to be independent.

Family Background

Vincent comes from a family of four, including a younger brother who resides in Cheung Sha Wan with their grandparents. Vincent is a bright young man who possesses a clear sense of his goals and aspirations. He strives to become independent, alleviating any concerns his parents may have about him.